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4 Types of Parents You See In The Drop-Off Line

Last Updated On Wed Mar 13 2024

Long before the first school bell there is a slice of time where the "Drop-Off" runs take place. It's during this window of time, that a cast of unusual characters arrive, ready to unleash their children into their respective schools before heading off into a bright new day. Who are these characters? Well they are the parents or guardians, of course! Here we'll break down the 4 types of parents you'll likely see in the drop off line, and the type of car they'll drive.

1. The Special Snowflake Parent

For this parent, their child is their universe. Convinced that their offspring is so special they can do no wrong and classroom rules and procedures don't apply. Constantly wanting to be a part of every second of their child's life, this parent will also volunteer at school, not because they love giving back, but because they believe this gives them access to some exclusive parent club. You can find them ignoring the drop-off line completely and cutting straight to the front. Sometimes this parent may even stand next to the teacher to “help direct traffic”.


2. The Type-A Personality Parent

This parent expects nothing but excellence from their children and will not have it any other way. This usually means constant parent-teacher meetings to discuss their child's progress, and if that doesn't work it's straight to principle's office for more favourable results. If this parent can, they will give any available teacher a full debrief of their child's schedule, holding up the drop-off line for as long as they need to because when it comes to their babies - they mean business.


3. The World Weary Parent

We've all seen this parent at least once at the Drop-Off line. Sat behind the wheel with a well-deserved glazed look in their eyes as the door swings open and an endless stream of children pour out. You can sense just how difficult it was getting those kids to school on time in the first place - as you watch that parent tear away from the school grounds as quickly as their car will allow.


4. The Always On-The-Go Parent

Bluetooth always in their ear, this parent is always busy, is very, very important and has no time for distractions and that includes school runs. This parent wants you to know that they are in charge and understand your place in their social hierarchy. How does this apply to morning

drop-off? This parent will whip in and out of the drop-off line with absolutely no regard for teacher, student or parent safety - because the kids need out so they can go about being important. CAR OF CHOICE: THE SUV

These of course are simply exaggerated parent types, but do you identify with any of these tropes? Or maybe there is a little bit of each in you? Well that's okay, because at invygo we cater to every parent's need by offering the right car to make getting Back-To-School ready a breeze.


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