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5 Spectacular Road Trips in the UAE

Last Updated On Wed Mar 13 2024

Summers in the UAE are always scorching HOT – but that shouldn’t stop us from heading off in our cool,  air conditioned cars and exploring the beautiful landscapes only a drive away.

Are you up to Do More exploring this summer? Here are 5 road trips you can take to fill in a few weekends. 

Khor Fakkan Road:

The Khor Fakkan road is an 89km long inter-city road connecting Sharjah and the city of Khor Fakkan. The scenic route offers the smoothest tarmac, wonderful mountain views & a cruising speed limit of 12

0 km/h – talk about an easy ride! At the end of the beautiful to drive is the small city of Khor Fakkan, which has a marvelous coastal road for you to enjoy as well.

Jebel Jais Road

Jebel Jais is known to be one of, if not, the best driving road in the UAE. With 3 lanes and a generous speed limit, this mountainous road feels more like a roller coaster. With little to no traffic (unless you’re going there on a national holiday), silky smooth tarmac, and countless twists and turns that will keep you engaged for hours, Jebel Jais is one of our favourites for all the right reasons. 

Liwa Oasis Road

Running along the Empty Quarter, this road connects Al Ain all the way through to the Liwa Desert. While it may not be as thrilling as Jebel Jais, Liwa Oasis Road offers a unique charm of its own, with its winding paths, well paved roads and endless desert skyline. It’s the peace and quiet of this scenic route and easy drive, that makes this the ultimate road trip to sit back, relax, and jam to some of your favourite tunes. 

Kalba Road

Running from Sharjah to Kalba, at first glance the road may seem uninteresting compared to some of our previous recommendations, but hear us out. The drive starts with a mostly straight road running across a few sand dunes, but if you keep going, you’ll eventually get to the mountains and that’s when things get more exciting. With twists, turns and long sweeps throughout the course, you can really drive your car. Gunning the gears as you race your way up the mountain. 

Jebel Hafeet- Al Ain

Jebel Hafeet is the best designed road, easily. However, it is as short as it is sweet. With a length of around 10km and running about 30 corners, its elevation and design will push your car to the limit. With its jaw-dropping views, the road really is one of the best mountainous drives in the UAE. Heading downhill is just as fun, but a bit harder on the breaks, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, it’s a spectacular drive. Just be wary of weekend plans, as it can become quite congested with tourists and other enthusiasts wanting to enjoy the same drive as you.

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