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We miss vinyl!

Last Updated On Wed Mar 13 2024

And we are sure you do too…

For all music lovers, vinyl is the closest you can get to a live performance, you can feel the grooves of the disc and can almost hear the music by holding it close to your ear. The introduction of vinyl really was the pinnacle of pop music before the mass produced tapes, CDs, (remember mini-disks?!) mp3s and streams.

But as much as we hold this technology and memories close to our heart. And wish it wasn’t so. Subscribing to streaming platforms is just a better and more efficient way to listen to music in today’s day and age.

It works with the way our lives work - on the go, unexpected and always exploring.

Of course it isn’t just music, the shift from owning to subscribing continues across our lives to the way we consume TV shows & Films, our mobile phones, the softwares we use on a daily basis - and even beauty. Yes. You can now subscribe to a beauty regime!

Our lives have naturally shifted to what works for us, and we have seen this shift in mobility at invygo - with our customers enjoying the perks of owning a car, but with none of the headaches.

These days, people usually keep their car for a limited number of years. Whether they are buying it brand new, or second hand - the car will go through several ownership cycles, which come with differences in levels of care. The harsh nature of the automotive industry and technology in general means that there is a depreciation in value. It’s common knowledge that as soon as you buy a car and leave the dealership, the car reduces in value and that’s the first conundrum car subscription answers;

You pay for what you have. (Not what you had) Whether you are going for price, performance or features - you will be paying a subscription fee that is relative to the value of the car today.

You don’t need to worry about much at all. The most common unexpected fee that our customers incur (alongside tolls) is speeding fines! But that is no different to car owners, and is entirely avoidable. With car subscription, things like insurance, paperwork and most importantly car servicing - is entirely seamless and is offered at no additional cost.

You are in control. Whether you want to change your car regularly for different needs, or you travel a lot and only want to pay for a car when you are around to use it. Car subscription puts you entirely in control. YES, you save more money if you take out a longer subscription, but you are not locked in and we offer flexible payment based on the end subscription phase.

These are just 3 of the reasons why people continue to convert to car subscriptions - for them it’s not a question of what the product is worth, but it’s value you can get from subscribing.

Just like when you subscribe to Spotify and get instant access to music from across the world, and no more worrying about hoarding or making space for CDs that will just collect dust. Or when you subscribe to Netflix, and you have a world of movies, TV shows and documentaries at your fingertips to keep you entertained, online or offline. Or even Amazon subscriptions that promptly deliver your monthly household items to you just as you realize you’re about to run out of toilet roll. Similarly the value that comes from the car subscription model in the form of flexibility, cost benefits and general ease of process, makes subscribing over buying or renting a car an easy and obvious choice.

And just like vinyl, you may miss owning our own car. But our bet is that you may not notice at all.

Note: This is the first of a series of articles we are researching and writing to bring you a better understanding of the car subscription model. Stay tuned to find out in more detail about the specific benefits of subscribing and not buying or renting a car, as well as financial benefits of the car subscription model.

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