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What to do if you crash your car in the UAE

Last Updated On Wed Mar 13 2024

Crashing your car is a shock — no matter how minor the impact, no matter how small the damage. But being caught up in a collision can be even more stressful if you don’t know how to deal with the incident.  Ready to learn the post-crash steps required if you bump cars in the UAE? Then let’s dive in...

Get to safety immediately

Getting to a safe place should always be your number one priority. If your vehicle’s damage is only superficial — a dented bumper, or a broken tail light — you should be fine to move to a safer spot while you wait for help to arrive. If another vehicle is involved and the driver speeds away, make a note of their number plate if you can, to help the police track them down.  Keep away from oncoming traffic and put your hazard lights on to alert other drivers. The last thing you need is another incident!

Call 999 for help

You’ll need to call the police after crashing your car in the UAE — no exceptions!  Call 999 and tell the operator about the incident clearly. Request a police presence, as well as an ambulance if yourself or any passengers are injured.  Calling the police might seem pretty unnecessary if you’re uninjured and there’s no visible damage to your car. But a police report is essential. In the Emirates, it’s illegal for mechanics to work on your vehicle unless you have a report. 

If the accident is minor and you are agreed on who is to blame for the accident, you can also report via the Dubai Police App.

Receiving your police report

So, the police arrive on the scene. What happens next? They’ve probably seen an incident just like yours many times before. They’ll gather your details and recognize where to assign blame (yourself or another driver) quickly. You’ll be provided with one of three types of police report, organized by color coding:

  • If the police provide you with a pink report, that means you’re at fault in this situation. If you disagree with the officers’ conclusion, don’t argue with them right there at the side of the road. You may make things worse for yourself.
  • A green report means you’re the victim (that’s useful to know for insurance purposes).
  • While a white report applies to situations in which no driver appears to be responsible for the crash.

As is true of life more generally, anger and violence is never the answer. Sure, you might be mad that another driver’s damaged or wrecked your car, but losing your temper won’t do anyone any favors. Deep breaths, stay calm and be civil.

Determine if you can drive home safely

You want to go home. You’re tired and shaken and you’ve had enough of speaking to the police. But you need to determine if your car is in a fit state to get you home safely before you try to drive away.  If it’s not, your insurance company should send a recovery truck to remove your car from the scene of the accident and transport it to the closest reputable garage for repairs.  Of course, you may simply feel unable to drive safely after being involved in a crash (shaking hands are a sure sign of adrenaline and stress!). If that’s the case, call a friend or relative to pick you up anyway — even if your car is in a drivable condition. 

Speak to your insurer

You should get in touch with your insurance provider after receiving your police report.  If you’re an invygo customer, you simply need to notify us via the app, or call the dealer number we share with you — whichever you prefer. Explain your situation and you’ll be told what happens next. Usually, your car will be collected and towed to a garage (as we mentioned above). Or you may be asked to take the car in for repair yourself, if you can do so safely.

Always carry your essential documents

When driving in the UAE, you should always carry certain key documents. 

Residents need:

  • UAE driving license
  • Emirates ID
  • Medical Insurance card (in case you need treatment for injuries)
  • Vehicle registration card.

 Tourists need:

  • Passport
  • Medical insurance documentation
  • Valid driving license.

Check you have these before you hit the road, for your own peace of mind.  So, that’s it! It’s not a nice topic to discuss, sure, but car crashes do happen, and it’s best to be prepared.  But why not make everything easier for yourself, with the innovative invygo car subscription app? Our full insurance option covers all accidents — even if it’s your fault — as long as you have your police report, simply report it in the app!   If your car isn’t driveable, or it needs significant servicing, we promise to always provide you a replacement car until yours is back on the road. Your emergency number is sent via the app’s chat feature, so you’ve got the dealers contact details to hand whenever you need them. Find out more about invygo now.

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