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Price: AED 74,635 - 93,725


The Coolray falls within the category of economical cars, offering a balance of efficiency and performance. Available in various versions and designs, including sedans and hatchbacks, the Coolray caters to a diverse range of preferences and needs. The Geely Coolray 2024 takes on the form of a small crossover sports car, characterized by its sleek and sporty design that exudes a sense of elegance. In the Saudi Arabian automotive landscape, the Geely Coolray 2024 lineup caters to a diverse range of preferences with its array of versions. The Standard GS is priced at AED 74,635. Progressing to the Mid Comfort GC at AED 81,535, the model amplifies the driving experience with enhanced comfort. Positioned for enthusiasts seeking a fully-equipped option, the Full Option GF+ variant, priced at AED 91,885, delivers advanced capabilities. At its zenith, the Full Option GF-GL, priced at AED 93,725, signifies the epitome of luxury and technological prowess.


Exterior Design

Introducing the Geely Coolray 2024, a standout in the automotive landscape with its captivating exterior features and dynamic design elements. The lighting system is a visual marvel, featuring an Energy Matrix LED headlamp with distinctive 3-dash design daytime running lights, complemented by front and rear fog lights. The rear showcases LED tail lamps adorned with a panoramic LED light bar, creating a striking presence on the road. The front end of the Geely Coolray 2024 boasts an energy-storm face, characterized by a bold black front grille divided into two sections and accented with sporty red details. The sportiness is further accentuated by dark-black air inlets, creating a commanding and aerodynamic profile. The sides are adorned with 18-inch wheels, body-colored door handles, and power-adjustable folding side mirrors featuring integrated turn signals. As you explore the rear, a sport spoiler with an integrated brake light catches the eye, providing both style and functionality. The power tailgate ensures convenient cargo access, while a black rear bumper with red highlights and a distinct exhaust system contribute to the overall sporty aesthetic. The Geely Coolray 2024 offers a range of exterior colors to suit individual preferences, including lavender, gray, red, white, and blue.

Interior Design

Step inside the all-new Geely Coolray 2024, where the interior seamlessly blends tradition with dynamic flair, offering a choice of the classic yet vibrant red and black color scheme. This interior design choice not only captures the essence of youthfulness and style but also takes the overall interior aesthetic to new heights. The cockpit of the Coolray serves as a focal point, sparking the driver's vitality right from the start. An ambient lighting strip sets the tone, leading to the integrated dual screens that not only provide a modern touch but also contribute to the overall flow of the interior. The athletic and clever gear shifter adds a touch of innovation, ensuring that the driving experience is not only stylish but also technologically advanced. Comfort is paramount in the Coolray, and it begins with the ergonomically designed suede driver seat, offering a luxurious and supportive experience. The inclusion of seat ventilation enhances the driving experience, keeping occupants cool and comfortable. For added convenience, a rear AC outlet ensures that passengers in the back also enjoy a pleasant journey. Interior options abound in the Coolray, catering to various preferences and needs. Front and rear motorized windows provide ease of operation, while a panoramic sunroof opens up the interior to natural light, creating a spacious and airy atmosphere. The foldable back seats offer flexibility in cargo space, adapting to the demands of different journeys.

Geely Coolray
Geely Coolray
Geely Coolray
Geely Coolray


Under the hood of the Geely Coolray 2024 lies a potent powertrain that seamlessly marries performance with efficiency. The heart of this dynamic vehicle is a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, delivering a robust 172 horsepower and an impressive 290 Newton-meters of torque. This finely tuned engine not only promises a thrilling driving experience but also ensures responsive and energetic performance on the road. Paired with a sophisticated 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) gearbox. In terms of acceleration, the Coolray 2024 boasts a commendable 0 to 100 kilometers per hour time of around 7.6 seconds, showcasing its agility and swift response. On the open road, drivers can experience the vehicle's capabilities as it reaches an approximate top speed of 195 kilometers per hour, providing a blend of power and speed.


The Geely Coolray 2024 exemplifies a harmonious blend of performance and fuel efficiency, making it a standout choice for discerning drivers. Boasting an impressive fuel consumption efficiency of 17.8 kilometers per liter, this vehicle strikes a commendable balance between power and conservation. This ensures that drivers can embark on their journeys with confidence, knowing that they are maximizing fuel economy without compromising on performance. Accompanying this efficiency is a practical fuel tank with a substantial capacity of 45 liters, providing ample range for extended travels.


The Geely Coolray 2024 comes equipped with a suite of cutting-edge technology features, elevating the driving experience to new heights. At the center of this technological marvel is the impressive 12.3-inch full HD screen, offering a high-resolution display that serves as the command center for various functions. Navigation is seamlessly integrated into the system, providing drivers with intuitive and reliable guidance on their journeys. Complementing this is the 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, which delivers crucial information in a clear and visually appealing manner, enhancing the overall driving experience. Connectivity is key in the Coolray, and it boasts versatile options to keep drivers and passengers seamlessly linked to their digital world. Bluetooth functionality allows for hands-free communication, ensuring safety and convenience. Additionally, the inclusion of USB and AUX connections provides flexibility for various audio sources. The convenience of a smart key further enhances the accessibility and security of the Coolray, allowing for a seamless entry and start-up experience. Whether it's unlocking the doors or starting the engine, the smart key simplifies the day-to-day interactions with the vehicle.


The Geely Coolray 2024 prioritizes safety with a robust set of features designed to protect both drivers and passengers. These include fundamental systems such as the Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Emergency Braking System, which contribute to enhanced braking control and support during critical situations. Electronic Stability Control ensures stability by detecting and mitigating skidding or loss of traction, especially in challenging driving conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a 540-degree panoramic view, front and rear parking sensors, and an automated parking assistant, facilitating safer and more convenient parking maneuvers. The Adaptive Cruise Control system maintains a preset speed while adjusting to traffic flow, minimizing driver fatigue. Additional safety measures encompass the Blind Spot Detection feature, alerting drivers to vehicles in their blind spots, and multiple strategically placed airbags for comprehensive occupant protection in the event of a collision. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System enhances tire performance and safety by providing timely alerts for low tire pressure. The Geely Coolray 2024 incorporates Traction Control to prevent wheel spin during acceleration and Vehicle Stability Control for maintaining control by adjusting engine power and braking to individual wheels. Hill Descent Control aids in controlled descents on steep inclines, instilling confidence in challenging terrain. Advanced safety technologies include Intelligent Cruise Control, which adjusts speed based on the vehicle ahead; Lane Keeping Assist, which alerts drivers of unintended lane departures; and Autonomous Emergency Braking, which allows automatic braking in emergency situations. Completing the safety ensemble are standard seat belts, an essential component in restraining and protecting occupants during sudden stops or collisions.


The Geely Coolray 2024 emerges as a striking and sporty subcompact crossover SUV, boasting an alluring design, an opulent interior, and an abundance of features. Its interior comfort, coupled with responsive steering, positions it as an ideal vehicle for extended journeys. Catering to diverse preferences, the Coolray is available in three trims in the UAE and four trims in Saudi Arabia, providing a range of options to suit various tastes. Noteworthy is its exceptional value for money, making the Geely Coolray 2024 an appealing choice for those seeking an affordable SUV with a stylish exterior and practicality for everyday use, surpassing competitors in the market.


Despite its notable features and strengths, the Geely Coolray 2024 does have a couple of drawbacks. One aspect to consider is its storage space, which might be perceived as limited. Additionally, some users may find that the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) in the Coolray falls short of being the best in its class. Although DCTs are generally known for their rapid gear changes and efficiency, some drivers may desire smoother or more refined performance from the transmission system in the Coolray.


Renting the 2024 Geely Coolray through Invygo is a user-friendly experience, accessible via their mobile app or website. The process offers convenience with flexible subscription plans, starting at one month, and easy extensions with reduced rates for longer durations. In Saudi Arabia, a unique "Subscribe to Own'' feature allows a smooth transition to ownership after 36 months with a final payment. Invygo distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive package including maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance. Customer support, available through live chat, reflects Invygo's commitment to ensuring satisfaction throughout the rental journey.

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Frequently asked questions about Geely Coolray

  • What color options are available for the Coolray 2024?

    The Geely Coolray 2024 offers a selection of exterior colors including Lavender, Gray, Red, White, and Blue.

  • What is the ground clearance of the Coolray 2024?

    The Coolray, categorized as a 5-seater crossover, features dimensions with a length of 4330 mm, a width of 1800 mm, and a wheelbase of 2600 mm. It is equipped with a ground clearance of 180 mm.

  • How many seats does the Geely Coolray Comfort have?

    The Geely Coolray Comfort is designed as a 5-seater.

  • Which cars are commonly compared to the Geely Coolray?

    Car models frequently compared to the Geely Coolray include the Geely Coolray itself, MG ZS, JAC S2, GAC GS3, Chery Tiggo 5x, and JAC S4. These six models stand out as the top alternatives to the Geely Coolray, considering factors such as price, performance, features, engine specifications, economy, dimensions, safety, and security.

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