Monthly car subscription plan


Monthly car subscription plan

Why subscribe monthly with invygo?

Hassle-free process

Book a car in just a few minutes with the invygo app. All you need is a valid Emirates ID, a valid UAE driver's license, and a credit/debit card for payment.

Easy monthly payments

Our competitive monthly fee covers insurance, maintenance, mileage, roadside assistance, and delivery/pick-up for a stress-free experience. Traffic fines, parking fees, and toll charges are not included and will be charged to the payment card you have provided. You will receive the invoices for these charges via email.

Dealership-certified cars

Drive cars in excellent condition, regularly maintained and certified by our dealers. We only provide cars up to 3-4 years old, ensuring our customers have access to modern, reliable vehicles.

Flexible duration and cancellation options

Choose your contract length from 1 to 9 months or longer, and enjoy the convenience of paying monthly as you go. The longer you subscribe, the more you save. Easily swap, pause or cancel after your first month.

No deposit

Don't let hefty deposits put a dent in your wallet. invygo’s monthly plan requires no deposit.

Get your car in 3 easy steps
1. Create your invygo account
Register online or via the invygo app using just your phone number.
2. Choose your car
Select from a range of cars, plans, and contract lengths as per your needs.
3. Subscribe and drive!
Upload a few documents, make the payment and get your car.

Monthly Subscription vs renting/buying

What you get

Monthly Subscription



No deposit or down payment

No depreciation risk

Includes insurance

Includes maintenance

No loan interest

Transparent pricing

Monthly payment

Monthly Subscription Cars on invygo

Mitsubishi Attrage

1 - 9 months

This car is available in 3 colors


Prod Yr

69000 KM


AED 1,500/month

+ AED 150 start fee

+ 6 more similar to Attrage

Kia Picanto

1 - 9 months

This car is available in 3 colors


Prod Yr

300 KM


AED 1,550/month

+ AED 155 start fee

+ 5 more similar to Picanto

Nissan Sunny

1 - 9 months

This car is available in 2 colors


Prod Yr

49000 KM


AED 1,595/month

+ AED 159.5 start fee

+ 15 more similar to Sunny

Renault Duster.

1 - 9 months

This car is available in 1 color


Prod Yr

30100 KM


AED 1,920/month

+ AED 192 start fee

+ 1 more similar to Duster.

Mazda Mazda6

1 - 9 months

This car is available in 2 colors


Prod Yr

50000 KM


AED 2,499/month

+ AED 249.9 start fee

+ 12 more similar to Mazda6

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