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Chery Arrizo 6 Pro

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Chery has taken a significant step forward in automotive innovation with the introduction of the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024, marking a notable addition to its sedan lineup. This latest model stands out as the pinnacle of Chery's sedan offerings, boasting a host of additional features that elevate it to the highest echelon within the brand's portfolio. Designed to meet the demands of discerning drivers, the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 integrates advanced technologies and enhancements, setting it apart as a top-tier sedan in Chery's lineup. The car represents a commitment to delivering an unparalleled driving experience, combining cutting-edge features with a sleek and stylish design. The pricing structure for the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 in Saudi Arabia is diversified to cater to varying preferences and needs. The cost of this sedan is segmented into three categories, offering a range of options for potential buyers. The prices span from 61,295 QAR to 75,440 QAR.


Exterior Design

The outward characteristics of this vehicle not only enhance its visual appeal but also serve practical purposes. The incorporation of an acoustic hood goes beyond aesthetics, actively improving the driving experience by reducing external noise and creating a tranquil atmosphere within the cabin. Electric door mirrors add a practical touch, allowing for convenient adjustments without manual effort. Front fog lamps, equipped with halogen headlamps, ensure improved visibility in challenging weather conditions, adding an extra layer of safety to the driving experience. The exterior lighting is further enhanced with LED fog lights and taillights, combining both style and functionality. These energy-efficient lights not only contribute to the vehicle's modern aesthetics but also improve visibility for the driver and surrounding vehicles. The body-colored grille seamlessly integrates into the vehicle's exterior, offering a cohesive and unified look. Chrome door handles and exhaust pipes provide subtle yet elegant accents, elevating the overall exterior design with a touch of sophistication. Daytime running lights, illuminated by energy-efficient LEDs, not only enhance visibility but also contribute to the vehicle's modern and dynamic appearance.

Interior Design

The interior of the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 is designed with a range of features aimed at enhancing both comfort and convenience. The inclusion of central locking ensures the security of the vehicle while offering a streamlined and efficient approach to locking and unlocking. Cup holders are strategically placed within the cabin. The foldable rear seats contribute to the adaptability of the interior space, allowing for increased storage capacity when needed. A front seat armrest adds an extra element of comfort for the driver and front-seat passenger. The presence of leather seats elevates the overall interior aesthetic, providing a touch of luxury and sophistication. For those who appreciate a connection to the outdoors, the panoramic glass roof allows natural light to flood the interior, creating an open and airy atmosphere. Power steering contributes to a smooth and effortless driving experience, making maneuvering the vehicle a more enjoyable task. These interior features collectively contribute to a well-rounded and enjoyable driving and riding experience, making the vehicle a comfortable and stylish choice for both short commutes and long journeys alike.

Chery Arrizo 6 Pro
Chery Arrizo 6 Pro
Chery Arrizo 6 Pro
Chery Arrizo 6 Pro


The Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 represents a forward-thinking addition to the sedan segment, characterized by its front-wheel-drive (FWD) configuration. Under the hood, it is powered by a robust 1.5-liter engine, boasting a four-cylinder setup that contributes to its performance capabilities. With a total output of 145 horsepower, the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro Comfort 2024 offers a balance of power and efficiency, making it a compelling choice for drivers seeking a dynamic driving experience. Enhancing its overall drivability is the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Automatic, a transmission system known for its seamless and efficient gear transitions. This transmission choice not only contributes to a smoother driving experience but also optimizes fuel efficiency, aligning with the modern demand for both performance and eco-friendliness.


The Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 is optimized to run on gasoline, making it a versatile and widely accessible fuel option for drivers. This choice aligns with the convenience and availability of gasoline in various regions, ensuring that owners can easily refuel their vehicles. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 impresses with a commendable fuel economy of 17.9 kilometers per liter (KM/L). This figure reflects the car's ability to cover an extensive distance on a single unit of gasoline, making it an economical choice for drivers who prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their daily commutes or long-distance journeys. The combination of a gasoline engine and impressive fuel efficiency underscores the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 as a practical and economical option, catering to the needs of drivers who seek both performance and financial sustainability in their vehicle choice.


The Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 is equipped with a versatile array of audio and connectivity options to cater to modern preferences. The inclusion of a USB connection allows users to effortlessly connect various devices, providing a seamless interface for accessing music and other media. For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of compact discs, a CD player is integrated into the audio system, offering a traditional yet reliable method for enjoying music. The AUX input further expands connectivity options, accommodating a wide range of audio devices and ensuring compatibility with various sources. In line with contemporary trends in in-car connectivity, the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. These integrations enable users to mirror their smartphone interfaces directly onto the vehicle's infotainment system, granting access to navigation, music, and other applications. This advanced connectivity ensures a modern and user-friendly driving experience, keeping drivers connected and entertained while on the road. Whether it's accessing navigation apps or streaming music seamlessly, the inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto reflects the car's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.


The safety features integrated into the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 contribute to a comprehensive and secure driving experience. Equipped with an ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), the vehicle ensures optimal braking performance, enhancing control during sudden stops and preventing wheel lock-up. In the event of a collision, the presence of airbags provides a crucial layer of protection for occupants, mitigating the potential impact and reducing the risk of injury. Complementing this safety measure, an anti-theft alarm and anti-theft wheel bolts enhance the vehicle's security, acting as deterrents against unauthorized access and theft. Auto door lock functionality adds an additional layer of safety by automatically securing the doors upon driving, minimizing the risk of accidental door openings. EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) optimizes braking power across all wheels, contributing to enhanced stability and control during braking maneuvers. Parking sensors, located at the front and rear, assist in maneuvering the vehicle by providing proximity alerts, minimizing the risk of collisions during parking. To promote tire safety, a tire pressure monitoring display keeps the driver informed about the status of tire pressure, allowing for timely adjustments and minimizing the risk of tire-related issues.


The Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 stands out as a sophisticated and high-performing sedan, exemplifying Chery's unwavering commitment to providing advanced automotive solutions. Its distinct features and options set it apart from competitors in the market, showcasing Chery's dedication to innovation and delivering a superior driving experience. As it competes with others in its segment, the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 positions itself as a compelling choice for those seeking a combination of style, performance, and cutting-edge technology in their sedan.


While the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 comes with its set of benefits, it hasn't been immune to certain drawbacks that have been notable among users: One notable concern is the presence of sturdy plastic in the interior, which may impact the overall perception of the vehicle's build quality and interior aesthetics. The issue of poor reliability has been attributed to its Chinese origin, raising concerns among potential buyers about the long-term durability and performance of the car. Users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the audio system, highlighting the need for improvement in this aspect to enhance the overall in-car entertainment experience. Perhaps the most significant drawback reported is the scarcity of available spare parts. This shortage can potentially lead to inconvenience and challenges in maintenance, affecting the overall ownership experience. It's essential for potential buyers to weigh these concerns against the positive aspects of the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 when considering this vehicle, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both its advantages and limitations.


Renting the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro 2024 through Invygo is a seamless and user-friendly experience, whether accessed via their intuitive mobile app or website. The process is designed for convenience, offering customers the flexibility to explore various subscription plans, starting with convenient one-month options. Managing extensions is straightforward, and opting for extended durations brings the added benefit of reduced rental rates, providing enhanced value to subscribers. Notably, there is an exclusive opportunity to smoothly transition from renting to ownership after 36 months, facilitated by a final payment—a unique offer presently available in Saudi Arabia with plans for expansion to other countries in the pipeline. To initiate the rental process, interested individuals need to submit the necessary documents and opt for the innovative "Subscribe to Own'' feature on the Invygo website or app. What sets Invygo apart is its commitment to delivering more than just a standard rental experience; it provides a comprehensive suite of services. These encompass regular maintenance, standard insurance coverage, and round-the-clock roadside assistance, ensuring a worry-free and holistic experience for customers. Invygo's dedication to user-friendly processes extends to its customer support, accessible through live chat. The committed support team is readily available to address inquiries and provide assistance throughout the rental period, underscoring Invygo's unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction at every step of the journey.

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Frequently asked questions about Chery Arrizo 6 Pro

  • What is the Chery Arrizo 6's fuel efficiency?

    The Chery Arrizo 6 showcases impressive fuel economy, achieving a remarkable consumption rate of 17.9 kilometers per liter.

  • Can you provide the dimensions of the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro?

    Certainly, the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro boasts overall dimensions of 4710mm×1825mm×1490mm.

  • Who is the manufacturer of the Chery Arrizo 6?

    The Chery Arrizo 6 is proudly manufactured by Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. in China.

  • How many color options are available for the Chery Arrizo 6 Pro?

    The Chery Arrizo 6 Pro offers a diverse range of visual choices with its availability in seven different colors.