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Most Popular Cars in Saudi Arabia

Last Updated On Mon Apr 15 2024

The car market in Saudi Arabia grew tremendously in 2023: total sales reached 729,466 units, which is roughly a 17% increase in comparison to the previous year. The best-selling car is the Toyota Yaris: 37% of the almost 800k sold.


Image: Auto User Guide, Vehicle Sales in Saudi Arabia

What does this mean? It means that Saudi is a growing market, looking optimistically ahead considering positive GDP forecasts for the following years, and ready to continue expanding. More importantly: a country with vast geographical differences, which results in extremely different car needs, and a place where owning a car has a cultural status.

Below, we put together a snapshot of the scenario, so you can make an informed decision when buying your car.

Most-loved cars in KSA

The Toyota Corolla


4-door Sedan/Hatchback 5-seater 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine 169 hp MSRP: 77,970 SAR

**Check the Car here ** Drivers might not be impressed by the Corolla’s driving power, but they will surely be pleased with its reliability, fuel efficiency, and nice look. Toyota cars have been known for being trustworthy and resilient, and the Corolla is no different.

One of the most popular in Saudi, due to all of the positive aspects plus the reasonable price. You can’t go wrong with a Corolla.

The Hyundai Accent

6e00b795-cc36-46a5-8303-044a8d5e085a_accent 2020 white.jpg

4-door Sedan/Hatchback 5-seater 1.5-liter petrol engine 130 hp MSRP: 66,740 SAR

A bit less expensive than the Toyota Corolla, but with similar features and performance is another Saudi love: the Hyundai Accent. Also a sedan/hatchback option that offers reliability for those who want a practical car to get stuff done.

You won’t be driving into the desert with it, or exploring unpaved roads as often, but you won’t be disappointed with its performance, either.

Honda Accord

f2f597b4-7930-43c6-8f79-607fd5206b59_Honda Accord 2022 white.jpeg

4-door Sedan 5-seater Turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine 204 hp MSRP: 114,885 SAR

The Honda Accord is a step-up from the Accent and the Corolla. It’s a bold, robust sedan that many people tend to keep for life. It doesn’t break down, doesn’t give you any issues; it’s a comfortable ride and offers an insane amount of security features.

No wonder it’s another Saudi favorite.

Toyota Land Cruiser


4-door SUV 7-seater 3.3L TWIN TURBO V6 engine 302 hp MSRP: 242,880 SAR

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a monster when compared to other cars on this list. The Land Cruiser has always been a popular vehicle in the Middle East, and the 2023 model arrived as a success, as it was expected.

It’s a car for families, for long trips, for exploring different terrains, and for having all the comfort and convenience you could dream of in a car.

Nissan Sunny


4-door Sedan 5-passengers 1.5 Litre 4 cylinder in-line 16-valve Petrol Engine 118 hp MSRP: 58,918 SAR

The Nissan Sunny is a favorite not only in the KSA but in the rest of the world. It’s definitely one of the best cars in Saudi Arabia, especially for those who are looking for a straightforward solution to choosing a car.

It’s efficient, reliable, compact, easy to drive and navigate, which makes it perfect for a big bustling city like Riyadh.

Budget Cars in KSA

If you are on a tighter budget but still dreaming of owning your car, and the ones above seem a bit out of reach, there are others you can consider. First, pre-owned vehicles through invygo’s Subscribe to Own Plan are the best option to become a car owner on a budget.

Second, choosing a Chinese car might be a good option – they offer incredible innovative features at an affordable price. Plus, they’re also available in the same Subscribe to Own Plan, which simplifies car ownership in KSA.

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