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5 ways Invygo makes getting a car as easy as ordering food.

Last Updated On Wed Mar 13 2024

Imagine a world without UberEATS, Talabat or Deliveroo. How would we order food or worse, how would we survive? Jokes aside here's some food for thought. Picture a day when everything feels tough. Work was long, lunch was short and somehow you managed to get some things done. You're so tired that you can't wait to lay back and have someone bring some delicious food right to your door.

Now think back to life before food apps or even apps in general. The only reason you needed your phone was to call the restaurant and hope they deliver to your location. If you're like us, you're all for the convenience that apps bring to life.

Now here's a question. Fancy ordering a car like you would your favorite meal? How about switching to another car without any commitment. Wait, there's more!

Here are 5 reasons that make Invygo a total lifesaver.

1. The app takes care of everything

Ever since food delivery apps became a thing, you've never had to do anything else to get a full tummy. You choose what you want, choose your location and pay right on your phone. No one will make you listen through an entire menu of meals or explain which landmark is next to your home. Invygo works in a similar way. Scroll through our cars, select the one you like, choose your delivery location and voila! You will be driving around town in less than 3 hours.

2. More convenience and less complication

When you order food from your favorite app, you usually don’t have to follow up or worry about anything. You order and wait for it to arrive at your door. Getting a car is now that easy. Once you choose your location, your car gets delivered to you in a few hours.

3. One fee to rule them all

Imagine your favorite restaurant bundling up all your favorite foods for one meal. While we can't do that (yet), that should be the deal with cars too. For one monthly fee, you get all that you need to be safe and comfortable with having a car. That includes comprehensive insurance, routine maintenance, 24/7 roadside service, and limited warranty.

4. Start, switch, pause, repeat.

Ordering food with ease requires flexibility. We may say that we would eat our favorite meal every day if we could, but we know we'd get bored very soon. Change is fun. You wouldn’t like to order the same meal every day, so why should you drive the same car every month? Invygo lets you switch or upgrade cars whenever you feel like it's time for a change.

How about when it's time for a long holiday back home. Your car is catching dust in the garage and the fees don't stop. That doesn't sound fair. With pause, you can pause your subscription so you don't pay for the days you don't need a car. ​It's that simple​.

5. For as short as 1 month

We love the fact that ordering a meal is not a life long commitment and we can change our mind if we want to. The ability to be flexible with food feels pretty normal, but shouldn't that be the case for cars too? We like to think so. Invygo lets you subscribe and drive for as short as a month or as long as you want to. Stop when you want, no questions asked. But don't take our word for it, download the app and see how easy it is to get a car with Invygo.

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