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Don’t you love it when relationships just work?

Last Updated On Wed Mar 13 2024

You know what we’re talking about. Think of all the friendships you made instantly, like you’d already been friends for ages. Think of all the times you instantly hit it off with someone and thought, “wow, this just works.

That’s the kind of relationship we’re talking about. The one that just works.

At invygo, that’s kind of what we’re all about. A car relationship that we believe just works for you. 

So let’s examine what you get with this kind of car relationship -- and, just as importantly, what you don’t get. 

**What you get: all-inclusive monthly fee.**What you don’t get: hidden costs, “surprise” fees.

There’s just something about knowing exactly what you’re going to pay that we just love. With invygo, your all-inclusive monthly fee includes insurance, maintenance, and the mileage you choose for the month.

**What you get: roadside assistance and servicing.**What you don’t get: a car and then you’re on your own.

We all know it. Sometimes, things will go wrong. And that’s okay. Because when you’re on the road and something comes up --- perhaps your battery could use a jump-start --- you can request road assistance right there and then. What’s more? You never have to worry about servicing the car, because that’s included in your all-inclusive monthly payment too -- unlike buying a car, where you’ll have to worry about maintenance yourself every time. 

**What you get: return your car whenever you want.**What you don’t get: the inflexibility of long-term renting or the need to sell your car.

Because invygo allows you to subscribe to your car (see: Great Car-related Decisions), you get to return your car whenever you want. The best part? You stay right where you are (I mean, those new episodes won’t watch themselves) and we’ll come pick up the car for you. This means that you get to subscribe to a car for as long as you need it, then subscribe again later. Traveling? You can return the car while you’re away, then subscribe to it again when you’re back! 

**What you get: flexibility to swap cars based on your needs.**What you don’t get: long-term commitment to a car.

Is it summer? Maybe you just need a car to get around from A to B. Winter? Maybe it’s time for something that can go off-road. With invygo, you decide the priority and swap your car accordingly -- at no extra cost. Subscribing also means that, as your life evolves, so does your subscription. Just had a newborn and want a bigger car? You can swap for that too. 

**What you get: zero depreciation to worry about.**What you don’t get: depreciation of your car (because you’ve subscribed; you didn’t buy it).

Because you’re subscribing not buying (see our previous blog post on why subscribing is better than buying), you never have to worry about the car you bought depreciating in market price. And the moment you want to switch, you can -- and even if you want to stick with the same car, subscribing means you get to switch to the new model year after year. 

**What you get: free home delivery.**What you don’t get: a trip that you make to the car rental to pick up the car (and another trip to give it back).

Need we say more? Whether you’re renting or buying a car, you’ll have to pick it up yourself. But subscribe with invygo and we’ll deliver your car (and every car you subscribe to afterwards) straight to your doorstep. 

What you get: a 100% digital and paperless experience.What you don’t get: paperwork with tonnes of fine print that’s anything but fine.**

No trips to a car rental office (or, if you’re buying a car, no trips to a car dealership or showroom). Everything’s done straight from your app, from wherever you are. Wi-Fi sold separately. 

Cool, right?

And if all this isn’t enough, there’s actually more. Subscribing (vs. renting or buying) has significant financial benefits too! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll break down how subscribing is better for your wallet, too. 

The invygo Team

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